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The following pages provide a step-by-step walk through for participating in LeagueDAO as well as specifications on the different protocols the DAO develops.
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LeagueDAO is a decentralized open source project developing Tokenized Fantasy Sports and Gaming Protocols.
LeagueDAO is an initiative, which grants voting rights to the $LEAG holders and lays the foundation for the tokenized fantasy sports platforms, the the Nomo League Protocols. The Nomo League is a Play-to-Earn fantasy sports protocol where managers own NFTs that represent real world athletes and that generated rewards based on the athletes real world stats.
The continued development of the dApps is provided by the core team and governed by the community through the DAO.
LeaguDAO empowers the community by enabling decentralized decision making for the Nomo League and other protocols the DAO decides to build. It is governed by the $LEAG tokens and is the core component of LeagueDAO.
To learn more, make sure to check the following materials that explicitly cover the protocol and products details:
For a better understanding of the idea behind LeagueDAO take a look at our Whitepaper. In addition, you can view all our contributors on the team page. Follow us on Twitter, Medium to always get the latest updates.
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