Polygon and Ethereum Network

Polygon (Matic token) is it’s own network, and connects Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. The Nomo League will operate on the Polygon Network.

Why Polygon Network?

The reason we have selected the Polygon network for our Nomo League and Player Token drops, is because the GAS cost is much cheaper than Ethereum (meaning we can save money that could be better spent on further development of LeagueDAO and the Nomo Protocol), and the transaction speeds are much quicker as well. What might cost us a few thousand dollars and many minutes to hours to send on Ethereum might only be a few dollars and only seconds on Polygon.

From a user perspective — this shouldn’t impact you too much, as you can still buy, sell or transfer your NFT the same way you normally would on on Ethereum. If you’re looking to Player Token on the Polygon network, you will first have to deposit your USDC from the Ethereum network into the Polygon network.

Once you’ve transfered USDC from the Ethereum to Polygon network, you’ll be ready to rock!

How can I switch my wallet to blockchains like Polygon?

Here is how you can add other blockchains, like Polygon, to your crypto wallet using Chainlist.

Using Chainlist to switch networks

Go to https://chainlist.org/. Click on Connect Wallet in the top right corner.

Once your wallet is connected, let's add the Polygon Network (also called Polygon (PoS), or Matic network). Type Matic in the search bar.

At this point you can choose between two networks : the mainnet and the testnet (Mumbai). You can click on the Add to MetaMask button under the Matic Mainnet option (or your desired network).

You will be prompted by Metamask to allow Chainlist to add a Network, click on the Approve button.

MetaMask will prompt if you want to switch networks now.

Once you've added your desired network, you can switch networks by opening MetaMask and clicking at the top of the MetaMask extension. You'll see your current network displayed, click on it and you can select any network from the drop-down list.

We've clicked on Matic Mainnet (Polygon PoS), but you can select any of the networks listed. Once you click in, you should now be on your new network.

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