Getting Started

How do I get started?

1. Purchase a Nomo Player Token

First, you need to purchase a Nomo Player Token. The Fantasy Football Player Token sale is still open, so if you haven’t purchased your player yet you still can.

2. Connect to Nomo

Once you have a Player Token in your wallet go to and connect your wallet.

  • Important: We have launched the Nomo Fantasy Sports dApp on the Polygon Network. This allows us to do things in the app and with the fantasy sports leagues that would not be possible via the Ethereum Mainnet. This means that you have to switch your wallet to the Polygon Network in order to play. This also means you will need MATIC in your wallet to pay transaction fees.

Once your wallet is connected you will be able to see all of the player tokens in your wallet.

3. Stake your team

Manage your “Team” by staking your Player Token NFTs in the appropriate league.

Right now we have just launched the Fantasy Football (American Football) league, so that is the only league that shows up. More sports are coming very soon.

Click Stake Players and select which players you would like to stake. Players must be staked before the first game of the week to be eligible to compete for that week’s rewards.

You can only stake a maximum of 12 players at any point, so you have to use a little skill and research to pick your top 12 player tokens.

Once you’ve staked your players, you are all set.

4. Claim your rewards

At the end of the week, you will be able to claim your share of the rewards. Go to your “Account” page in the dApp, click ‘Claim’ and approve the transaction. It’s that easy.

With the launch of the Nomo dApp, you now have everything you need to compete in tokenized fantasy sports.

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