How are Rewards Earned?

Each staked Player Token earns rewards based on the points the athlete represented by the Player Token scores each week.

For the first Nomo Fantasy Football League we are using the .5 PPR (half a point per reception) scoring format. A detailed breakdown of the scoring format can be found here.

Reward Calculation

Each week the Reward Pool generates yield in the form of DAI. The yield generated by the Reward Pool is paid out to League participants as the Weekly Reward.

If the total reward for a week is, for example, 100 DAI, that means all of the staked player tokens are competing for a share of 100 DAI.

The Weekly Reward amount is distributed according to the % of the total point scored across all staked players that each individual player token scores.


All of the players in week 5 score a combined 100 points.

I own Player Y and staked him in the league. Player Y scored 3 points during Week 5.

The total league wide Reward for Week 5 is 100 DAI.

Player Y has earned 3 DAI (3% of the total combined points and therefore 3% of the Weekly League Rewards).

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