Trading Players

Veto a Trade

The ability to veto a trade is available in order to prevent collusion in a league.

  • EVERY team manager in the league has the power to cast a vote against a trade, EXCEPT the two teams involved in the trade.

  • Once a trade is accepted, other managers in the Division can can vote to veto the trade.

  • If enough votes are cast against the trade (6 out of 10, +50% of teams NOT involved in the trade), then it will be immediately canceled.

  • Once player(s) are traded, the players will be on team's bench until Team Manager manually move them to active lineup.


This is the length of time allowed where the league decides if a trade is fair. League Managers can determine the span of time for the review. If one of the "hour" review periods is selected -- and the trade is not vetoed -- it will process within the hour (not the exact minute) when the period expires.

Current Trade Review Period: 48 hours

"48 HOURS" example: A trade is accepted at 11:05am ET on Friday. If the trade is not vetoed it will process within the hour after the 11:05am ET time on Sunday (48 hours after the time the trade was accepted on Friday).


It's common for fantasy leagues to set a deadline for trading players between teams. We do not have this limitation.

No trade deadline - Trades are allowed for the duration of the season.

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