The LeaguePass NFT was originally built to power our decentralized sign up system for the Mega League application. Anyone who has already signed up for our 2022 Fantasy Football League has done so by minting a standard LeaguePass on Polygon.

The LeaguePass Gold goes a little bit further. This collection, which is dropping on Ethereum, will give the holder access to the 2022 Fantasy Football league AND free access to all future LeagueDAO Fantasy Football Mega Leagues.

Additional Utility:

  • Lifetime entry into LeagueDAO’s Fantasy Football Mega Leagues

  • Serves as a Mint Pass gain free entry into other LeagueDAO fantasy sports games e.g. Non-Fungible Brackets and Scrambl Fantasy

  • Participate in exclusive LeagueDAO airdrops and giveaways

  • Exclusive LeagueDAO Merch

  • Receive LEAG tokens to use in the fantasy league or to participate in LeagueDAO Governance

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