How to Sign Up

How to sign up and compete in the LeagueDAO Fantasy Football Mega League.

1. Sign Up

Mint a LeaguePass on Polyon in either DAI or USDC
Mint Page:
  1. 1.
    Mint a LeaguePass GOLD on Ethereum in Eth
Mint Page:

2. Redeem your LeaguePass

You have to redeem your LeaguePass in the LeagueDAO app to finalize the creation of your team in the Fantasy League.
  • Go to:
  • Connect the wallet holding the LeaguePass NFT
  • Click: Redeem LeaguePass
  • Click: Redeem LeaguePass
  • Follow the steps to confirm and approve the transaction
** When you redeem a LeaguePass NFT in the Mega League App, the NFT will be burned and you will receive the Draft Tokens that you will use during your Live Fantasy Draft.