League rewards…. are they only for this season?

Two parts to the rewards: 1. The Reward Pool and 2. The Weekly Rewards. The Reward Pool is 80% Dai collected from the sale of Player Tokens.The

Reward Pool will be not paid out so that there is nothing left at the end of the season. Instead we developed a model that generates weekly rewards while growing the reward pool year after year.

There is a Nomo Strategy Smart Contract that takes the Reward Pool and stakes it in a yield generating defi protocol on Polygon.

Each week the Strategy Contract withdraws the yield generated by the Reward Pool and distributes those funds (the Weekly Rewards) to players in the League.

Currently the Reward Pool is being staked via QuickSwap to generate Rewards but that can change depending on APY as we work to maximize the yield generated from the Reward Pool.

This strategy ensures the Reward Pool is not depleted at the end of the year and will continue to grow and compound during the offseason so Season 2 rewards will be larger than season 1 and so forth.

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