Nomo Player Tokens

What is a Nomo Player Token?

Nomo Player Tokens are Dynamic ERC-721 Tokens that represent real world athletes.

What do I do with a player token?

Each Player Token can be used to participate in a Nomo Fantasy League. You can stake your player tokens in the Nomo League Dapp and enter the player token into the weekly Fantasy Pool. Your player tokens will earn points based on how the Athlete they represent performs and can earn a share of the weekly league rewards according to their point score.

Are my player tokens only good for one season?

No. Player Tokens will remain active for as long as the Athlete they represent remains active in the league. You can use your player tokens to compete in future Nomo seasons. This is why we call Nomo, the "Ultimate Keeper League".

How do I mint a Player Token?

Go to (not active yet), connect your wallet (make sure your are connected via the Polygon Mainnet), select the number of Player Tokens you want to mint and click “Mint”.

If you are new to NFTs, check out these awesome guides made by the rockstar team at Fluf.World. There isn’t an official affiliation the Flufs, we just love their resources. Of course, for the Nomo Player Token mint you will be heading to and have to make sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon Mainnet not the Ethereum Mainnet (see below for more info on this).

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