$LEAG Token Airdrop

Airdrop Eligibility:

  1. If you were active on the LeagueDAO Discord before 10/10/2021 AND Verified your eligibility in the #airdrop-eligibility channel in the discord.

  2. Other Categories TBD

How the Airdrop will work:

We specifically wanted to clarify one key point: This will not be like airdrops you might have previously participated in. We will be using an airdrop mechanism that was used earlier this year by Universe XYZ.

That mechanism works as follows:

  • If you are eligible, your address will receive X amount of $LEAG in the airdrop

  • Claims made before the 52 week mark pay a penalty

  • The amount you can claim without penalty increases weekly

  • Penalties get redistributed among remaining non-claimants

For example, if you’re eligible for a 10,000 $LEAG airdrop, you can choose to either claim a portion of it before the 52 weeks are up, or wait to get your full airdrop plus any redistributed penalties from earlier claimants any time after 52 weeks have elapsed.

Once the Claim for the drop is live, we’ll be sure to share it both here on Medium and in the community Discord server.

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