How to obtain DAI on Polygon

A few different options

1. Bridge your DAI from Ethereum to Polygon πŸŒ‰

If you already have DAI on the Ethereum mainnet, you can to move this over to Polygon. You can use the official Matic Wallet bridge, the bridge or the Aavegotchi bridge. Here is a great written guide for the official bridge, as well as a YouTube tutorial. Note: this will require a transaction on Ethereum mainnet. Depending on the transaction cost (gas fees) of Ethereum, this only makes sense if you want to transfer relatively large amounts of your existing DAI.

2. Bridge your DAI from other blockchains to Polygon πŸŒ‰

If you already have:

  • DAI on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • xDAI on the xDAI chain

  • DAI on Fantom

  • DAI on Avalanche

  • DAI on Arbitrum

  • DAI on Optimism

You can use the bridge or Anyswap router or Hop Exchange to transfer DAI to Polygon. See this external guide. Transaction costs will be very low. Note that xpollinate does not support Avalanche (yet).

3. Buy DAI directly on Polygon (via a third-party) πŸ‘›

There are multiple service providers that offer the possibility to directly buy DAI on Polygon. e.g. or Make sure to select "DAI on Polygon chain" or "DAI on Polygon network" so you end up with the correct DAI. Most often you can pay by either a Bank Transfer (e.g. SEPA deposit) or a debit or credit card. Transaction fees should be somewhat cheaper compared to transferring DAI from Ethereum.

⚠️ These are external services - not related to the LeagueDAO! You will most likely be required to verify your identity and pay a fee for using their service. We'd like to make clear that this is NOT an endorsement or recommendation of any type. ⚠️

4. Swap on a decentralized exchange on Polygon πŸ”„

If you already hold other assets on Polygon (e.g. ETH or MATIC or USDC or another token), you can use the Quickswap Exchange or Paraswap to easily swap them for DAI. You will need a very small amount of MATIC to pay for the (negligible) transaction costs.

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