What is a Bridge?

You probably saw the term 'Bridge' used in our guides for using the Polygon Network. Let's explain what a web3 'Bridge' is.

Defining a Bridge

As the world of blockchain becomes more complex, it is important to make sure that there is a common connection that allows for interoperability between different networks.

Bridges make it possible to transfer assets between different networks in a trust minimized manner. Different chains and scaling solutions have different consensus mechanisms and specifications, but bridges create the synergy needed to create a diverse range of decentralized solutions that can interact with each other.

Benefits of using a Bridge

By allowing users to move their assets to different networks, bridges allow for interaction with a wider range of assets and farming opportunities. In addition, other systems offer more scalability or more throughput and thus allow users to transact with lower transaction fees.

Some of the most popular Ethereum to Polygon Bridges

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